22nd December 2022    |    News

Welcoming the winter Entrepreneurs’ Forum magazine

When the winter edition of ‘forum’ landed in our office it was a proud moment for Allies Group. 

The final edition of 2022 is the third since we began working with the Entrepreneurs’ Forum earlier this year. Founded in 2002 by leading North East entrepreneurs Sir Peter Vardy and Lorna Moran OBE, the Entrepreneurs’ Forum is a fellowship that brings the region’s entrepreneurs together to build new connections, benefit from peer-to-peer learning, and to inspire and support each other in building quality businesses in North East England.

In her welcome, Chief Executive, Elaine Stroud, said: “The Entrepreneurs’ Forum is on a mission to energise North East entrepreneurs and I hope that reading this issue will leave you motivated to drive your own business journey forward.”   

What we did for the Entrepreneur’s Forum

The Forum invited us to put our years of publishing experience into completely rethinking their member magazine’s design and content. 

As entrepreneurs ourselves we completely ‘got’ the brief. We too are used to pivoting to meet the needs of our clients, the changing business landscape of our region, and the national headwinds that affect us all. 

As part of our response we moved the ‘forum’ publishing cycle from bi-annual to quarterly. This shift not only made content more relevant to readers – more than doubling the number of members being featured in a year – it also improved the publication’s commerciality. In line with our own Allies Group values we also introduced a sustainable production and circulation model.

Results to date

We are proud of the results so far and that the Entrepreneur’s Forum has now entrusted us with the design and production of all its content, which includes event brochures, podcasts, and email newsletters. Having oversight of its full suite of materials means we can ensure all literature is complementary and supports the Entrepreneurs’ Forum brand.

Moving forward

The Entrepreneurs’ Forum vision is, To provide a vibrant environment where entrepreneurs feel empowered to create and grow their businesses, innovate, take risks and move forward’. We feel confident that Allies Group is helping it to achieve this vision and we look forward to ‘forum’ becoming a valuable marketing tool that continues to attract new members and corporate partners, and celebrates entrepreneurship in our region.