26th July 2023    |    Insights

The Relevance of Print in the Digital Age

Allies Group is a content specialist with a love of both the digital and print worlds. They each play an important part in our unique offer. We work across a combination of online, digital, social, web and print channels, reflecting our history, when publisher Remember Media and online content agency Digital Allies combined to create the Allies Group of today.

Through our experienced team, we possess the ability to develop content for a variety of different platforms and then measure its impact both online and via print. Our versatility is underpinned by a robust approach to analytics, resulting in a clever combination of creativity and scientific rigour; setting us apart from the crowd. 

Creating publications in-house, such as ‘Forum’ (for Entrepreneurs’ Forum members) or ‘Rock Life’ (for Rockliffe Hall’s visitors, staff and suppliers) draws on our years of editorial expertise and passion for beautiful products, which remain relevant in this digital age. 

Equally we listen to our clients’ needs and can identify relevant press or trade media for their content. Many decision makers continue to put trust in the editorial professionalism of national and trade print. The point being –  digital and print don’t have to exist apart; they can complement and augment one another to help brands communicate more effectively and more consistently. 

The immediacy of instant video or infographics on social platforms offers huge appeal for many of our clients and many consumers alike. Moreover though, print plays a part in assimilating news and helping to make greater sense of it as part of a wider context. The spontaneity and speed of alerts, images and video can sometimes prove overwhelming and they can quickly dissipate. One needs time to truly comprehend their significance; that’s why longer-form analysis and discussion helps offer a more contemplative introspection. 

Just one example – live coverage of dangerous wildfires in Greece lends itself to being captured and consumed on hand-held digital devices. Longer-form analysis however, with a range of insights that explore in greater depth the reasons behind these tragic events, can be better suited to a more extensive review that is professionally packaged in print. Longer-form opinion pieces that embody thoughtful, insightful analysis by their very nature aren’t quickly absorbed – and a printed format can feel more fitting to content delivered in this way. 

Indeed, the beauty of print lies not only in its substance but also in its form. The tangible nature of a physical publication brings with it a multi-sensory experience. The versatility of print formats, the scent of freshly-printed pages, the meticulously crafted imagery and attention to design detail – all of this contributes to something enduring. The experience of turning through pages of insightful analysis can provide a more meaningful connection with the content. Print is an art form in itself, and more difficult to replicate through digital technology. Mobile devices – perfect for accessibility and immediacy – struggle by their very nature to match the aesthetic pleasure that comes from the printed form.

Here at Allies Group, we appreciate there is a symbiotic relationship between digital and print – borne out of our history. Mobile devices and online platforms have clear merits and strengths. They can also serve as companions to print, signposting to wider content. The two mediums can complement one another, catering to different preferences and user scenarios at different times.

The medium for content delivery is clearly important, but it is the substance of the message and quality of the story-telling that captivates and resonates with audiences. At Allies Group we understand this.

We continue to embrace technological advancements, but not at the expense of publications. These offer a space for reflection, nuanced perspective, and in-depth exploration. 

The future of successful content lies not in dismissing one format for the other, but in recognising the synergy between them. This is what we will continue to offer our clients – expertise in delivering truly great content across the most relevant channels to deliver the greatest impact.