25th March 2024    |    News

When words fail: Is your website letting down the brand?

IN a world where first impressions can be formed in milliseconds, a brand’s online presence can make it…or break it. We know sleek design and eye-catching imagery are important, the other content – the words – are just as crucial.

Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the significance of quality content and it can quickly become a weak link which undermines the brand’s integrity and effectiveness.

From lacklustre copy to inconsistent messaging, there are many ways website content is letting brands down.

Poor Quality Content

The old adage ‘content is king’ rings true in the digital realm, yet many websites continue to suffer from sub standard wording. Whether in the form of grammatical errors, bad phrasing, spelling mistakes or bland language, poor content can have a devastating impact on a brand’s credibility and professionalism.  Visitors to the website could perceive it to be careless, untrustworthy or lazy – none of which are helpful and could drive them away.

Inconsistent Messaging

Consistency is key when it comes to building a strong brand identity. If your site’s content lacks coherence and consistency, it can confuse and alienate visitors. Inconsistencies in messaging across different pages or sections of the site can create confusion about the brand’s values, offerings, and target audience. This lack of clarity can deter potential customers.

Irrelevant or Outdated Information

A website is often the first point of contact between a brand and its audience, so it’s essential content is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant. Outdated information like discontinued products or services, can frustrate visitors and diminish trust while irrelevant content that doesn’t provide valuable insights can lead to missed opportunities for engagement and conversion.

Lack of Brand Personality

Each brand has a unique personality that sets it apart from competitors and resonates with its target audience. But when a website content lacks personality or doesn’t reflect the brand’s voice and tone, it can seem generic and forgettable. A strong personality helps to humanise the brand, ensuring it is relatable and memorable to visitors, helping make the best overall impression.

Ignoring SEO Best Practices

Visibility is key to attracting organic traffic to a website, and ignoring search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices can limit online visibility and hinder a brand’s ability to reach its target audience. Neglecting keyword research or overlooking on-page optimisation techniques can result in poor search rankings, leading to missed opportunities for organic traffic and lead generation.


Website content plays a vital role in shaping the perception of a brand in the digital arena. When badly executed, it can undermine the brand’s credibility, confuse visitors, and hinder its ability to attract and retain customers.  By prioritising quality, consistency, relevance, personality, and SEO optimisation in content marketing, brands can leave a positive and lasting impression on an audience, ultimately driving engagement, loyalty, and growth.