Mobiscroll Complete Framework

We chose Mobiscroll Complete Framework as it offers a wide range of functionalities that are suitable for the majority of the clients we work with. So far we have implemented two components out of the whole list available under the Complete Framework subscription. 

Date Range Picker

This component is the first one we came across in our research for the most suitable plugin that we needed to accomplish some clever filtering systems. We have implemented the plugin easily without any issues. This has worked very well without the need to write any custom scripts, besides linking it up to the correct part of the filter.

Multiselect Filter

This is the second component we found useful and have already implemented it across many clients. The power behind this component, and all of the others, is impressive as it allows very large amounts of tweaks to be made on how to display the popup for the multiselect. 

Impressive features

Mobiscroll has a devoted team behind their large component base that are always ready to jump in with any functionality that’s not obvious at a first glance. We have been communicating with the team and have managed to successfully deliver and implement all our requirements. Something worth mentioning is the comprehensive theme editor tool that allows you to load plugins with client’s theme colours for all the dropdowns/popups. Moreover they have a comprehensive amount of demos that walk you through most of the components. All demos come in handy as they offer powerful, visual aids alongside the code needed to initialise all their components. 

General overview

We are very much pleased with the current subscription and are looking forward to implementing more of their components for all other clients we serve. Communication is excellent, website documentation is comprehensive and components are straightforward to implement.

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