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Professional Bid Services company BWL Group, requested a new website design and build to showcase its award-winning professional bid services. BWL Group was seeking an agency which could quickly deliver a professionally-rebuilt website, which sat within its brand, in time and on budget.

Allies Group had previously worked with BWL Group to develop its wider group site. Building on this prior relationship and continuing to nurture it following the launch of the previous site ensured a smooth transition and implementation of BWL Group’s new brand and styling.

There were a number of challenges to BWL’s requirements, including engagement and actions with a third-party SEO provider, an external design produced by a graphic designer that required detailed development, and a short launch timescale of three months. In addition, several scope changes were made, including the development of an API module, content design structure, and enhanced security requirements for the contact form.


Allies Group was tasked with the building of BWL Group’s new website. The design needed to showcase and streamline BWL Group’s services, and demonstrate this change to current and future customers. The new website required a mobile build initially, and be fully optimised for search engines.

Allies Group worked in collaboration with BWL Group to ensure the new site displayed the correct messaging, features, images and functionality at both the front and back end.

Allies Group assigned a dedicated Account Manager, Dan Barrett, who logged and tracked each challenge and developed a stakeholder management plan to manage the numerous inputs, actions, risks, and opportunities throughout the project lifecycle. Dan was instrumental in the relationship formed with his key contact and navigating the separate opinions and inputs required to produce an outstanding website.

As part of the development, BWL Group required an enhancement to its Tender page to improve functionality, accessibility and capabilities.

Along with designing and building the new website to the required specifications, Allies Group also hosts and maintains the site, ensuring quick, responsive changes can be made when required, security updates are implemented and constant communication continues to flow on both sides.


The result of Allies Group’s website build, hosting and maintenance for BWL Group is a highly professional and fully functional site which promotes the capabilities and services of BWL Group’s professional bid services, while also demonstrating its vast client base, projects in progress and new client wins. 

BWL Group now has a refined and intuitive, user-friendly platform for all potential bid and tender needs.

We are thrilled to unveil the redesigned BWL Group website which demonstrates our commitment to bid excellence and client success. The revamped site built by Allies Group offers a refined and intuitive, user-friendly platform for all bid and tender needs.We are delighted with the finished product. We would recommend Allies Group to other businesses for their website build or design.

Michael Lee, Chief Executive Officer

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