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Independent mediation practice, Crowther Mediation sought Allies Group’s services to provide support with their content creation, design, website, branding, videography, social media and PR.


Crowther Mediation required a professional content, website and marketing specialist to help develop their brand and online presence. They wanted to elevate their image within a competitive market as well as ensuring that all marketing and communication is cohesive and professional.

The challenge was to integrate a team to help grow their business and produce high quality marketing materials, online branding, video production and PR content. They required an agency to seamlessly position themselves within Crowther Meditation without losing the styling and messaging that had been distributed previously.

What we did

Initially Allies Group were tasked with maintaining and hosting their website while updating the content on their UK and UAE platforms. 

Allies Group designed and produced a solicitors referral form along with developing a brand campaign and remarketing. This was important because the company needed to ensure that solicitors were aware that Crowther could work with their clients to support in the mediation process. The simple intuitive web section provides simple steps to mediation information and assessment.

We were also responsible for implementing Crowther Mediation’s social media campaigns which included developing creative assets in line with their brand that helped engage with their audience in a distinctive way, making them stand out.

Finally, we also provided support for videography, updating their Google Business Profile and implementing and executing a PR strategy.

Website Development Form

We provided a functional and secure online system that improves communication between Crowther Mediation and the client. The focus was to ensure that Crowther Mediation can effectively communicate with their clients while reducing time and waste caused by the previous process which was to painstakingly print the documents and post them by hand.

The three forms included the agreement to mediate form, legal aid form and the voucher form. Each page had to include the relevant industry information, sign online functionality and the terms and conditions. 

The ultimate challenge for Crowther Mediation was to move away from the traditional physical communication and encourage clients to use the online form. 

We built and integrated an online form and system that allows for efficient communication between Crowther Mediation and the client.

The online process will ultimately save Crowther Mediation time and money on administration. The system will improve efficiency and reduce waste on loss leading enquiries. It will also ensure that every enquiry is accounted for and processed, resulting in improved communication and relationships with clients. It will help Crowther to maximise their time and be far more effective with their client engagement.

The form will serve as a communication tool for all clients moving forward and will free up time for the Crowther Mediation team to focus on mediating.

Allies Group input

To continue with the development of the brand and reputation online as well as providing an expert eye on all creative production and materials.


We have designed and implemented a number of paid digital marketing campaigns in the UK and UAE to target people looking for mediation support. In a short period of time our targeted and methodical approach has already driven traffic and conversions to their website. 

Our design and creativity has continued the professionalism and branding of Crowther Mediation while generating new customers.

Thoughts from the client

Bringing Allies Group onboard has helped maintain our professionalism and develop our online presence both in the UK and UAE. Allies Group have been proactive and very supportive in creating campaigns, designing artwork and maintaining our website. We are extremely happy with everything they are doing.

Nicola Crowther
founder of Crowther Mediation

Matfen Hall


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