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George Smith are manufacturers of high quality furniture mostly made to order and seen in the top hotels and private residences the world over. They have a highly customised website allowing users to build their own products on the site, this functionality is particularly popular with interior designers and specifiers who order products on behalf of their clients.

Over time the ordering options on their website had been added to and a review of their UX highlighted the fact that it was becoming cumbersome.

Following a full review of the clients site from a UX perspective, taking into account all their different customer personas the Allies Group set about creating downloadable product specification sheets so prospective customers could compare products and share product details with colleagues off line.

Since then we have gone on to make numerous interventions to the clients site to ensure it performs at its best all the time.

As a global luxury brand with operating a B2B & B2C website with eCommerce, we are a challenging prospect and looked thoroughly for a company we could trust with this important task. Allies Group stepped up to the challenge where others would only consider a rebuild and they have been great to work with. The team have taken the time to understand our needs, guide us where required and have found solutions to a wide range of issues.
This was not an easy task (and is ongoing), but the friendly team are a pleasure to work with and they are now long term partners who we look forward to growing with.
Jim Athey, UK Managing Director
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