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Kavli, a well-known brand in Scandinavia, has made a significant entry into the UK market in May 2024. Known for their innovative dairy products, Kavli has introduced two varieties of whipped cheese — Whipped Cheddar and Whipped Cheddar with Chorizo — now available in selected Tesco stores nationwide. Additionally, a Whipped Feta variant is set to launch soon, further expanding their product line. Kavli’s emphasis on freshness and commitment to using fewer ingredients sets them apart in the competitive dairy market.


The Challenge

Kavli faced the challenge of establishing a strong online presence that would resonate with British consumers and accurately reflect their brand ethos. The primary goal was to create a website that not only showcased their unique whipped cheese products but also embodied the fresh, natural, and innovative spirit of the brand. This required a design that was visually distinctive and seamlessly integrated with Kavli’s product branding. Moreover, the project demanded clear and consistent communication between the design team and Kavli to ensure that the final output met their expectations and market needs.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, Kavli commissioned Allies Group, to utilise its creative brand and web development capabilities. The collaboration kicked off with an in-depth consultation process, allowing the Allies Group to gain a thorough understanding of Kavli’s brand values and vision for their UK market entry.

Following the consultations, Allies Group proposed several design concepts that aimed to capture the essence of Kavli’s fresh and natural products. After a series of reviews by the Kavli team, the final design was selected, which featured a clean and modern aesthetic. The design was visually distinctive, characterised by vibrant imagery and intuitive navigation that highlighted Kavli’s product offerings effectively.

The website development commenced shortly after the design approval, with Allies Group ensuring that the build process was smooth and aligned with the pre-agreed timelines. Thanks to the close working relationship and clear communication channels established between Kavli and Allies Group, any potential issues were swiftly addressed, resulting in a seamless development phase.

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