Google Analytics Services

Data driven approach

To understand how your customers are interacting with your business through your digital marketing campaigns, you must make use of Google’s free to use Analytics platform. The first step is to ensure that your account is correctly configured and optimised to capture meaningful information that will provide you with actionable insight to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Configuration, measurement plans + attribution models

We will configure your account to support the KPI’s of your business using the following steps;

Understand and identify

  • Commercial Understanding Session
  • Identify tracking requirements
  • Create a measurement plan based on the understanding gained
  • Industry and competitor research, review of entire user journey and analysis of brief to shape attribution model(s)
  • Identify app/site platforms and technical requirements

Build and Test

  • Setup Google Tag Manager
  • Setup all tracking tools on required platforms ie Firebase, GA
  • Test the tracking implementation in a test environment
  • Set up business intelligence dashboard to report on performance and attribution – Data Studio, Microsoft BI


  • Implement tracking in live environment


  • Review configuration, measurement plan and attribution


As Google Certified Partners, we can help you to connect all of your customer’s digital touch points, including email, social media and much more, in order to get an innate understanding of your customers’ digital behaviour. We make use of another of Googles products to assist with the interpretation of your analytics data, that is Data Studio.

Here we can configure dashboards showing you the business-critical information that you base your business decisions on in real time in an easy to read form.