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The social media process

Our team will audit all of your current social media activities and understand where they fit in with your commercial objectives and then identify the areas for improvement and which gaps need filling.

With this information to hand our experts will choose the most effective platforms and the most effective media content and format to ensure your campaigns perform as well as is possible.

Once we deploy your social media campaign into the market place we watch the way it performs very closely and use any insights we gleen to tweak the campaign to ensure it maximises its potential.

Finally we will provide you with in depth reports covering every stage of the campaign that looks closely at the cause and effect of each element of the campaign and uses the numbers to showcase the results we’ve achieved on your behalf.

Social media campaign services

The key ingredient for doing social media marketing well is having a strategy. Your account manager will develop a six-month social media strategy in line with your company objectives to maximise your ROI. They will research your target audience, create and curate engaging content, develop an action time line and establish your most important metrics.

Social media asset design
The design team will ensure your content is displayed in the most effective way to engage with your audience.

Exclusive data studio and analytics
We create a custom dashboard so you can see your key metrics in one place. Using this data, we can evaluate campaigns and trends and use this information to shape a future marketing strategy.

Setup of platforms
We will ensure your current social media platforms are configured correctly to allow optimum tracking.

Photography / Videography
Our in-house photographer/videographer will create bespoke content for your brand that engages with your target audience in line with your social media strategy.

Social media advertising
When advertising on social media platforms, we can manage your ads and ensure they are targeted to your selected audience.

South Shields Football Club

Swinburne Maddison

Newcastle Cathedral

Crowther Mediation



We approached Allies Group to help us update and build the new Core Legal website. As our business progressed, our current site needed a design update, but more importantly, a new back end content management system needed to be put in place that was user friendly and would allow us to update the website in house, whenever required. Allies Group also devised a plan to ensure that the new site would be mobile responsive too - meaning our brand was portrayed really well on both desktop and mobile devices. The reason we approached Allies Group was down to their experience and knowledge of the Legal Sector. They took the time to get to know us as a business, before implementing a detailed plan of action for taking things forward. The team were responsive, answered all our queries really quickly and came in to provide a detailed training session to our staff. We are absolutely delighted with the work Allies Group did and how easy they have made things for us. The peace of mind we have in knowing that they are there for us, whenever we need them, is hugely important to us as a growing business.

Claire Hewitt, Director

Core Legal

We appointed Digital Allies because we saw from the start that they not only understood what we needed in technical terms but how important it was that the website became a central asset for our marketing and sales team. They incorporated staff training into their pitch and made it clear that we could and would become self-sufficient in terms of updating and using the site.”

Joanne Hockaday - Commercial Manager

Martel Instruments

The Allies Group manage and deliver our successful digital workshop programme for Business Northumberland, an ERDF funded business support programme. Workshops are always really well attended and come with great feedback from delegates. Working with the team is really refreshing they listen to our ideas and help us implement them. We see them as an extension of our core team. Together with The Allies Group we supported over 500 businesses through the pandemic, helping them take their business and advertising online and giving them confidence to measure their success. The Allies group have also run marketing campaigns for us as a business as well as developing and managing websites, we trust them with our business and brand and would not hesitate in recommending them to any business large or small.

Lucy Evermore

The team, as well as being really knowledgeable, are all really friendly and approachable and really take on board our ideas whilst maintaining the needs of our SMEs at the forefront
Digital Allies offer an excellent service and have played a critical role in making digital communications part of our core business strategy. Their knowledge and use of sophisticated tools, allow us to efficiently and effectively reach the right people at the right time while maintaining low costs and producing accurate reporting for invaluable insight and continued improvement. The Digital Allies team are able to provide digital marketing specialists that cover the full spectrum of digital marketing; with technical, analytical and creative consultants at our disposal. This allows us to rest assured that our approach is “cutting edge”, which is vital for a business that is developing at the speed that we are. I have been particularly delighted with the dedicated support that Digital Allies have provided to our business. They are very much the “experts” you hope to find; people that speak clearly and definitively and not in the language of jargon and fluff. On top of their consulting work, their statistical analysis provides us with reporting based on the metrics that matter to us, providing us with invaluable management information.

Moya Jones - Development Director

Prince Bishops Home

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